I was awoken by the searing pain of the ground pressed against my cheek. I got up quickly and  my feet failed me, collapsing as the ground gave way. The precarious nature of my footing confirmed my suspicions; I had found myself atop a dune of sand. I grasped a handful of grains to prove […]

In this essay I will be comparing William Shakespeare’s and Robert Browning’s work and how uncertainty is used in Othello, Porphyria’s lover and Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came. I will be contrasting this with historical ideologies from the respective times of the tragedies. While each poem is dissimilar in device and emotive undertone, […]

In chapter 16 Harper Lee explores in greater depth the social intricacies of Maycomb county and its inhabitants through Scout’s tireless inquisition. The theme of tradition and the history of the land is elaborated on, especially within the Cunningham bloodline, who which according to Alexandra Finch are “respectable” due to the amount of time they […]

I was awoken by the searing pain of the ground pressed against my cheek. Quickly I arose. My feet failed me as I collapsed once again toward the ground as it gave way for me. It was after this I realised it was not the sole fault of my limbs that I had once again […]

In his article, Brand reflects on his interview with Jeremy Paxman, in which he is queried on his unorthodox political stance of complete abstinence from voting altogether. Brand believes the economic disparity between the rich and poor is something to be immediately addressed, however he also claims that the current political system is too flawed […]

‘There is nowt wrong with slang’  The article written by Belinda Webb argues that, as put rather obtusely by the title “there is nowt wrong with slang”. With specific regards to Emma Thompson who had started a campaign against the use of sloppy slang. The writer’s protest to the campaign is based half in personal […]

Children who play videogames are more violent  First of all; no. This is one of the most frustrating assumptions to me, largely because it makes no logical sense; would you blame a game of lazer tag for promoting war? Or wine gums for encouraging alcoholism in teens? No you wouldn’t. Because it’s ridiculous to accuse […]

In chapter 12 Scout and Jem are invited to Sunday Church at First Purchase, Calpernia’s regular place of worship. The strong sense of community (to the degree of borderline segregation of the Caucasian population if Maycomb) is seen in Lula, the well known trouble maker within their congregation. Scout remarks that the graveyard behind the […]

Atticus is a very influential character in Mockingbird, Scout percieces her father as a very bland and uninspiring figure when placed in comparison with her peer’s parents. In chapter 10 however Scouts opinion of Atticus is revised when her father shoots dead the ‘mad dog’ that was found roaming around Maycomb. Jem remarks that the […]

Chapter 9 explores the underlying sense of hubris in the Finch family. This is seen most crudely in Scout, when provoked by her cousin, Francis who called her father a “Nigger lover” in reference to Scouts father, Atticus defending a Black man accused of a crime by the Ewes family. This causes Scout to lose […]